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Coffee Tables - A Curated List

Ah, the morning ritual that kickstarts my day, like a caffeinated symphony in a cup - coffee! With every dawn, I embark on a quest to brew that perfect elixir of life (Much needed). The rich aroma spreading through the kitchen, the comforting sound of the Nespresso, it's a morning dance that even Fred Astaire would envy.

But here's the kicker: Every coffee needs its perfect coffee table. You know, the one where your mug rests on, like a king on his throne, as you sip your liquid motivation. And on those particularly rough mornings when I stumble around like a zombie searching for the light switch, my coffee table becomes my guiding light, leading me towards caffeine salvation (Even if sometime I hurt my little toe in the process). It's the unsung hero of my mornings, where coffee stains and the occasional coffee coaster battle it out.

So, here's to the magical beans and the trusty table – a duo that transforms me from a grumbling mess to a caffeinated powerhouse each morning. The world may run on coffee, but I run on the perfect coffee table and that steaming cup of liquid sunshine.

Let me tell you I have been to the deep ends of Amazon for this one! Here are my favorite coffee tables from Amazon at the moment. Below, you'll find additional coffee tables that absolutely deserve their place on this carefully curated list. (You'll notice I have a weakness for round coffee tables these days. I feel like they add dimension to any room, they're like the fashionistas of the furniture world, bringing a trendy and inviting vibe to any space.)

1st row 1- $75 | 2- $82 | 3- $150 | 4- $168 2nd row 5- $169 | 6- $175 | 7- $169 | 8- $179

3rd row 9- $220 | 10- $241 | 11- $249 | 12- $250

4th row 13- $270 | 14- $298 | 15- $363 | 16- $371

5th row 17- $378 | 18- $379 | 19- $397 | 20- $399

6th row 21- sold out | 22- $399 | 23- $419 | 24- $499 | 25- $1,317

Find more of my organic inspired tables below that will almost make you feel like you're in a Soho Home. Follow along for more ✨luxury home✨ inspo here

1 - $1,142 ($799 members) | 2 - $1,713 ($1,199 members) | 3 - $1,019 | 4 - 1,839$ | 5 - $1.880

Rugs and coffee tables, like peanut butter and jelly, are a dynamic duo in the world of interior design. They're like the best buddies who complete each other, bringing warmth and style to any room. Picture this: your coffee table sits on a beautifully textured rug, creating a cozy island amidst the sea (I'm exaggerating, please bear with me) of your living space. It's not just about aesthetics; it's about functionality too. The rug defines the area, while the coffee table anchors it, providing a practical spot for your cup of joe, your favorite book, or even a game night. Together, they're a match made in design heaven, making your space feel inviting and oh-so-stylish. But how big should it really be? Here's a practical guide, your roadmap for rug placement 101.

Dive into the world of luxury design or find further inspiration here!


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