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Get the look: Monique Gibson's approach

Recreate the look: Options for every budget

Rugs play a crucial role in a living room. They enhance the room's aesthetics, define the space, and add warmth and comfort underfoot (If you're always cold, like I am, a rug is just a must!). Rug size matters for a balanced space. A too-small rug can make a room feel disjointed, while a properly-sized rug anchors furniture and promotes harmony in design.

Coffee Table: Most Similar (Left) | Most Affordable (Right)

Sofa: Splurge (Left) | Save (Right)

Accent Chair: Most Similar (Left) | Most Affordable (Right)

Side Table (Back of the room): Most Similar (Left) | Most Affordable (Right)

Accent Chair (Back of the room): Most Similar (Left) | Most Affordable (Right)

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