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Get the look: Jamie Bush, when nature's beauty blends with modernity

Recreate the look: Options for every budget

Accent Chair: Most Similar (Left) | Most Affordable (Right)

The original coffee table carries a hefty price tag of $21,600, so here's a more affordable alternative that still captures the designer look, and it's available in two different sizes. You can also enhance the decor by adding a stylish book and a Japanese decorative bowl (I like The Art of Home & Call it Home, they would complement this style beautifully).

Floor Lamps: From Splurge to Save

Side Tables: Most Similar (Left) | Most Affordable (Right)

Wall Art: Original (Left) | Most Affordable (Right)

Table Lamps: Similar (Left) | Most Affordable (Right) - Set of Two

Sofas: From Splurge to Save

A little lounge moment going on in the back

Dive deeper into the world of luxury design or find further inspiration here!


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