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Luxury Home Decor: Recreating High-End Interior Designs

If you've ever marveled at the exquisite interior designs featured in prestigious architectural magazines or admired the homes of the rich and famous, you're in for a treat. We're going to explore the world of luxury home decor and discover how you can infuse your own living spaces with that same designer flair.

1. Hallworth Design, Los Angeles, USA Jane Hallworth, the creative mind behind Hallworth Design, has a knack for crafting inviting spaces that evolve organically. Her approach involves storytelling and collaboration, which has earned her a clientele of Hollywood stars and tech entrepreneurs. Can you guess whose home this is ? ....I'll give you a hint, swipe right.. swipe left..

2. Waldo's Designs, Los Angeles, USA The renowned Hollywood decorator, Waldo Fernandez, boasts a stellar career transforming homes for celebrities and iconic establishments.. He's left a lasting mark on Los Angeles, with projects like Malibu's Nobu Ryokan Hotel and Soho House West Hollywood. A true design legend.

Recreate Travis Barker's Living Room : The sofa was custom made but I found one very similar at Zara Home | Pillows | Lazy Boy Crate & Barrel | Tree Stump Table | Books ( I personnally love Arranging Things & The Art of Home, they are very aesthetic on a coffee table) | Decorative Vases & Jars | 3. Rafael de Cardenas Ltd., New York, USA Rafael de Cardenas developed a reputation for creating atmospheric spaces, whether for residential projects or commercial ones. When fashion designer Ulla Johnson needed to transform her New York showroom into a brand-centric haven, she turned to her pal, Rafael de Cárdenas. With a mix of business savvy and artistic finesse, de Cárdenas created a space bathed in light and adorned with earthy tones, exuding elegance and environmental charm. The result? A showroom so precise, it could make even a vintage pendant blush!

Bring a little Ulla Johnson into your home: Coffee Table | Flower Vase: Most Similar, Most Affordable | Faux Stems | Rug: Most Similar, Most Affordable

4. Monique Gibson Interior Design, New York, USA We adore Monique Gibson Interior Design because of her remarkable talent for creating spaces that feel like home. Her designs are an exquisite blend of elegance and comfort, effortlessly capturing our unique personalities. Monique's work tells a story, turning houses into cherished havens, and that's why we're head over heels for her designs! Some of her clients include Jon Bon Jovi, Jon Stewart, Meg Ryan, Conan O’Brien, Nita and Bob Seger.

Recreate the look here

5. Deborah Berke, New York, USA Deborah Berke doesn't just design buildings; she creates welcoming spaces for everyone. She is the dean of the Yale School of Architecture (and the first woman in the role!) and when it comes to interiors, her and her team nail the perfect blend of minimalism and luxury. Expansive windows make such a difference. They flood spaces with natural light, frame stunning views, and create a sense of openness and connection to the outdoors.

6. Jeremiah Brent Design, Los Angeles and New York, USA Jeremiah Brent Design is celebrated for its signature blend of modern elegance and warmth. Jeremiah's work often incorporates luxurious textures, neutral palettes, and a harmonious balance of contemporary and classic elements. His designs are characterized by their inviting, timeless appeal. Below is Jeremiah and Nate Berkus Fifth Avenue Family home. A beautiful masterpiece.

Splurge with the original pieces Mario Bellini Sectional in a Maxalto Velvet | Mohair Rug | Floor Lamp | Coffee Table Save with similar alternatives Sectional | Rug | Floor Lamp | Coffee Table | Flower Vase | Industrial Mirror | Cushions (For a fluffier look, use pillow covers that are 2 inches bigger than your cushions. For example, if your cushions are 20 inches, use 22 inches covers)

Elizabeth Roberts Architects is known for their stunning transformations, and they truly worked magic on this historic Colonial Revival house. With a family of six in mind, they turned this formal beauty into an inviting, light-filled home, where history meets modern comfort, creating a welcoming haven for all.

Sofa: Most Similar, Most Affordable | Ottoman | Coffee Table | Ceiling Light | Dining Chairs: Original Chairs, Similar Chairs | Rug | Bar Stools: Original Stools, Similar Stools | Colonial Golden Kitchen Faucet (The details on this faucet are chefs kiss!)

8. Kelly Behun Studio, New York, USA Kelly Behun had the incredible opportunity to work her magic on Alicia Keys' magnificent home. The house makes the most of those breathtaking sea-view windows, adorned with art in every nook, and boasts elegant yet simple furniture that complements the dazzling surroundings. It's a masterpiece both inside and out!

9. Studio KO, Paris, France and Marrakech, Morocco

Studio KO stands out for its rustic minimalism, emphasizing the beauty of imperfections and the human touch in architecture and design. Their handcrafted quality merges modern and traditional elements, resulting in timeless spaces.

Sectional: Most Similar, Most affordable | Marble Coffee Table: Most similar, Most affordable | Table Lamp | The plant is a species of palm, called Licuala Orbicularis, which, if you're up for a challenge, are a majestic plant to have in a beautiful vase at home.

10. Steven Harris Architects, New York, USA

Steven Harris is a master of creating minimalist homes that seamlessly blend with their surroundings. His designs effortlessly merge into urban and rural settings, embodying a holistic approach. Collaborating with Rees Roberts + Partners on this property, he brings interiors and landscapes to life. Drawing inspiration from legends like John Lautner, William Wurster, and Geoffrey Bawa. "Our highest aim is for our designs to appear effortless and fully integrated into their site, whether urban or rural"

11. Sawyer | Berson, New York, USA

SawyerBerson's work harmoniously marries modernist and classical elements, creating exquisite designs in coastal, urban, and garden settings, earning them well-deserved recognition. They recently published their first book, which features this stunning property in the Hamptons.

12. Roman and Williams Buildings and Interiors, New York, USA Roman and Williams Buildings and Interiors, led by Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch, is renowned for blending classic and modern elements, crafting immersive, eclectic, and artfully detailed spaces worldwide. Below is Gwyneth Paltrow's luxurious $5 million family home in Montecito. The one bed-one bath home features a cozy queen bed for up to two residents and a large pool with several loungers. The property is listed on Airbnb, for those curious about the goop lifestyle.

13. Marmol Radziner, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York, USA

Marmol Radziner is known for its modernist aesthetic, sustainability focus, and a commitment to customization. Their work encompasses custom homes, restoration projects, landscape design, and custom furniture, reflecting a harmonious blend of architecture and the natural environment.

Recreate the look here

14. Olson Kundig, Seattle and New York, USA

Olson Kundig is celebrated for its innovative architectural designs that harmoniously blend nature and built environments. The firm's distinctive work spans residential, commercial, cultural, and hospitality projects, emphasizing sustainability, craftsmanship, and a deep connection to the natural world.

Recreate the look here

16. Joseph Dirand Architecture, Paris, France Joseph Dirand, a talented modernist, initially embraced minimalism. Commissioned at 25 to design a Paris shop, he quickly gained recognition. With time, his work evolved to a more narrative and warm style, evident in projects like Girafe restaurant and fashion boutiques like Givenchy, Alexander Wang, Chloé. He's known for "ornamental minimalism" with a passion for marble in his furniture collection.

Type of Paint: Lime Paint | DYI: Natural Calacatta Marble Countertop | Stool | Ceiling Light: Original, Most Similar, Most Affordable | Black Kitchen Faucet (I have this one at home)

17. Jamie Bush + Co., Los Angeles, USA

Jamie Bush is a prominent figure in the "New California look" style, emphasizing natural materials, artisanal craftsmanship, and bold simplicity in interiors. Trained as an architect, he melds historical and contemporary architectural influences. This is by far my favorite design in this list, I just love the organic style in his designs, where nature's beauty blends seamlessly with modern aesthetics.

Recreate the look here

18. Gachot New York, USA

John and Christine Gachot, a design couple, have perfected their warm minimalistic style with a touch of drama. Melding traditional craftsmanship with modern tech, they create refined, unique spaces. Their personal homes also reflect this style, embracing a casual, eclectic blend.

Sofa | Coffee Table: Original, Dupe | Side Table | Table Lamp: Original, Dupe | Cushions: Patterned, Solid | Accent Chair (Beige) | Rug | Flower Vase | Artificial Flowers 19. Jake Arnold, Los Angeles, USA

Arnold's design philosophy centers on crafting spaces that are both stunning and cozy, with a timeless touch. He values muted colors, artisanal elements, and organic textures. From Florida to New York and his hometown of Los Angeles, his work spans various projects, including renovations and new constructions. Discover more about this remarkable talent through the book he recently released, which also makes for a fantastic decorative addition to any coffee table or shelf.

Find further inspiration here!


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